South Florida web design & development at it's finest

About me

My name is Zach Wills, and the web is my passion. I created DesZdig Digital Media so that I could share my passion with the world by creating awesome websites for awesome people. Why not check out my portfolio?

Why choose me?

This is what I love to do, and that shows in how hard I work for each and every client to make sure I build them exactly what they envisioned in their heads from the beginning. Why not take a look at my web design & web development skills?

My Prices

I know that pricing can be a tricky thing, but one thing I keep across all of my clients is that I will provide top quality service at a phenomenal price. Want to learn more about my pricing? Check out the pricing page.

My expertise, your vision

When you contact me for a quote about your website, we will get to talking about your vision. What do you want out of your website? With my expertise, we can make your dreams a reality. Be sure to contact me.

Ongoing Maintenance

Don’t worry, if you need continued maintenance on your website- I’ve got you covered. We can work out a plan that fits your needs and gets your website the way you want it. Check out more services here.

Want to learn web design?

If you are interested in learning how to build websites yourself, or maybe are just interested in seeing how a website is built- check out my web design tutorial site: